What is Health Coaching?

A great health coach is a great listener who helps clients gain insight into their own lives, emotions and patterns. Health coaching creates a unique relationship that is supportive and yet holds clients accountable in reaching their own goals.

Benefits of Health Coaching with Rachel

Rachel’s primary goal is to support and guide her clients, whether through stress, living with chronic pain or illness, or feeling stuck, to live a more healthy and fulfilling life. Rachel develops customized programs to help achieve individual health and wellness needs.  In addition, she uses insights from the latest research in positive psychology and health.

By the end of a program with Rachel, clients will have gained confidence, self-knowledge, coping strategies, and healthy habits to support them as they navigate life’s inevitable ups and downs.

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The Individual Program

The six month program yields lasting value as Rachel works together with clients to create and sustain success through life’s challenges. At the same time, the length and pace of the program gives clients the opportunity to dig beneath the surface and deal with difficult situations on a deeper level.

The Format

Rachel meets with clients every two weeks for a total of 12 sessions. Each meeting begins by celebrating the client’s successes since the previous session. This positive focus is both motivational and also helps clients succeed in their health and well-being goals by building from strengths. Clients are invited to discuss the challenges he or she faced or is currently facing. Through listening and giving feedback, Rachel helps clients reach insights and find solutions.  Together, Rachel and the client then agree upon actions to create healthy and life-affirming changes. At the end of each session the client will take away a few concrete and achievable tasks to work on before the next session.

In addition, Rachel is available through email and text in between sessions for additional support.

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The Group Coaching Program

Looking for a less expensive option that also provides the benefit of group support? Group coaching is offered as a six or three month program where Rachel works together with a group clients to create and sustain success in each client’s individual health and well-being goals through life’s challenges. Some group sessions also include interactive experiences to practice the new habits and techniques to support optimal health and well-being. As a part of the group, clients can hear how others have dealt with similar challenges and gain fresh perspectives and insight. Group coaching is designed to create an encouraging, safe space to grow and achieve priorities for health and happiness.

The Format

Rachel meets with the group every two weeks for a total of 6 or 12 sessions for the three or six month program, respectively. Each session will focus on a particular aspect of achieving optimal health and well-being. Sessions begin with a celebration of clients’ individual successes. Then Rachel leads a centering and intention setting to help group members get the most of of the session. Participants have a chance to ask questions and discuss their challenges and re-evaluate their goals as well as learning new techniques to use in their lives. Clients will each leave with individual goals for health and well-being that are concrete and achievable.

In addition, Rachel is available through email and text in between sessions for additional support.


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